One man killed, three injured in police shooting

One man killed, three injured in police shooting

One man killed, three injured in police shooting

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One man was killed and three others were wounded after a policeman fired his gun in a scuffle between officers and three men which erupted after the latter’s car crashed into a patrol vehicle yesterday in İzmir, Doğan news agency has reported.

One of the passengers in the vehicle, Emrah B. succumbed to his injuries this morning after being shot in the stomach.

The incident occurred at around 3 p.m. after a car driven by an unlicensed, 17-year-old man, E.B., hit the police car parked on the street. A melee broke out when the driver and his two passengers objected to the police officer, who went to make a report about the incident and the fact that E.B. was driving without a license.

Police reportedly fired into the air after using pepper gas to disperse the enraged men. A police officer whose identity has not been released fired his gun again after he saw one of the men attack another officer with a chair.

The driver and his other passenger, F.K., were wounded in the legs, while Emrah B. – the driver’s brother – was hit in the stomach in the melee, according to reports.

A passerby, Halil Altun, was also slightly injured by a ricocheting bullet.

All four men were taken to hospitals.

The police officer who fired the rounds was subsequently detained by his colleagues and an investigation has been launched, reports said.

The police officer fired in order to protect himself when he could not stop the assailants despite all warnings, an official said. 

The incident was recorded by a witness with a cell phone.