OIC chief warns against clashes between Muslims

OIC chief warns against clashes between Muslims

The new Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Iyad bin Amin Madani, has warned that all parties lose from clashes between Muslims, adding that his number one priority as OIC head would be to address this issue.

“If we continue this rift between Shiite-Sunni or Sunni-Sunni, then we will be the victims, there are no winners,” Madani said Jan. 15, addressing to the Sixth Ambassadors’ Conference in Ankara.

In the longer term, “all we will be losers” from such clashes, he said, stressing that the Muslim world was wrong to keep accusing each other through conspiracy theories.

As second priority, Madani pointed to the fight against poverty.

Citing Turkey’s increasing interest in the OIC since the 1980s, Madani said they needed Turkey’s contribution to continue, and particularly welcomed Turkey’s efforts for the situation in Myanmar, saying Ankara had been a leading voice pushing for a resolution of the problems of Muslims in the country.