Ocean through eyes of Turkish painter

Ocean through eyes of Turkish painter

Ocean through eyes of Turkish painter

Pınar Akarsu Tınç’s exhibiiton can be visited at Teşvikiye Art Point Gallery.

Painter Pınar Akarsu Tınç presents her exhibition titled “A Line of Ocean” at Teşvikiye Art Point Gallery in Teşvikiye. With her paintings that she made on the small island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean, she depicts the unity of the people, nature and colors of the tropical island.

Tınç has been living on the La Reunion Island for three years with her husband, academic Mehmet Tınç, and their two children. The island is under the dominion of France in the Indian Ocean. It is a piece of land east of Madagascar. A local of Bozcaada Island, Tınç says the people of such a tiny island attempt to overcome their “no way out” situation with colors and designs.

She says since she knows life on an island and she did not have difficulty understanding society there. 

“There are hundreds of islands in the Indian Ocean. The people of these islands have a special figure that they reflect in their temples, streets, clothes and even on their faces. The tattoos on their body impress me the most,” she says.

Tınç’s exhibition can be visited through June 7.