No gas for Greek Army

No gas for Greek Army

ATHENS - Anatolia News Agency

Greek Petrol (ELPE), the biggest oil refinery in Greece, has refused to supply the Greek Army with oil after the land forces failed to pay a 43 million euro debt.

The embargo has also left the Greek police (ELAS) without gas for its vehicles, according to Greek daily Kathimerini. ELAS ran out of gas reserves on Nov. 28, according to reports.

In order to fuel police vehicles, the Greek Citizens’ Protection Ministry and ELPE have reached a temporary agreement to allow for the withdrawal of four tankers worth of gas from depositories in Aspropirgo, Gudi, Petru Ralli and Amigdaleza.

The Greek Citizens’ Protection Ministry said police vehicles would also be allowed to dip into the gas reserves of the coast guard and firefighters.

Despite the reports, Greek Defense Ministry officials said the Greek military has enough gas reserves for now