Never mind supply, Russia tells Turkey

Never mind supply, Russia tells Turkey

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Never mind supply, Russia tells Turkey

Russian Gazprom, the world’s biggest natural gas provider company, promises gas sufficiency to Turkey.

Turkey would be one of the least-affected countries in the case of a natural gas supply shortage, said officials of Russian natural gas company Gazprom Export on Dec. 28.

“Turkey [would be] the least-affected country as it has its private transfer line, such as the Mavi Akım (Blue Flow). It is still self-sufficient in its natural gas supply within the existing contracts,” a statement by the company read.

Advantageous positioning

The officials stressed that Turkey was at an advantageous position in terms of gas supply security thanks to Blue Flow, which allows the direct supply of natural gas.

A natural gas supply problem occurred last year when extreme cold raised the gas demand of European countries, but Gazprom has taken necessary precautions regarding excessive demand, officials said.
The company’s statement also noted that they provided supplementary natural gas to Turkey when it had problems with its other suppliers.

Turkey imported 58 percent of its natural gas from Gazprom, according to 2011 data.