N. Korean TV shows Kim's body lying in state

N. Korean TV shows Kim's body lying in state

SEOUL - Agence France-Presse
N. Korean TV shows Kims body lying in state

The body of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il lies in state at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang in this still picture taken from video footage of still images aired by KRT (Korean Central TV of the North) December 20, 2011. REUTERS Photo

North Korean television showed the body of late leader Kim Jong-Il lying in state in a glass coffin Tuesday as his son and successor Kim Jong-Un and other senior officials paid their respects.
The still photos showed a sombre, dark-clad Jong-Un and others, some in military uniform, circling a flower-bedecked bier supporting the casket.
The body of the elder Kim was dressed in his trademark khaki tunic, with most of the corpse covered by a red sheet and his head propped up by a pillow, at Pyongyang's Kumsusan Memorial Palace.
The body of Kim Jong-Il's father, founding president Kim Il-Sung, is also on display elsewhere in the palace.
With solemn funeral music playing, the late dictator's youngest son entered the hall where his father lies in state and observed a moment's silence with leading party and military officials, the North's official news agency said.
"The participants remained for a long time before the bier, wailing over the sudden and grievous death of Kim Jong-Il, outstanding leader of the party, state and army, peerlessly illustrious commander ... and benevolent father of the people," it said.

N. Korean TV shows Kims body lying in state


The still photos showed the glass coffin lying among flowers, including red Kimjongilia, a hybrid begonia named after the late leader, as well as white chrysanthemums.
A wreath from Kim Jong-Un was placed next to the bier, which was guarded on either side by honour guards with rifles.

The front of the stand was inscribed with the years "1942-2011" as well as the North's national emblem, while Kim Jong-Il's shoulder straps and prestigious medals were laid out in front.
State media have reported scenes of mass grief since Kim's death at the age of 69 was announced Monday. He had died two days earlier of a heart attack during a train trip.
The North has set the funeral for December 28 and urged people to rally around his son as "great successor".