Mystery around Tokat wooden tombs unsolved

Mystery around Tokat wooden tombs unsolved

Mystery around Tokat wooden tombs unsolved

Mystery surrounding wooden tombs that were previously found in the Büyükyurt village in the northern province of Tokat’s Niksar district still remains unsolved.

Why the 19 tombs, two of which are damaged and all of which were excavated in the same place, were made of wood remains unknown. The findings are unprecedented, as no wooden tombs were found elsewhere in the region. 

Provincial Culture and Tourist Director Adem Çakır said the wooden tombs in the village were registered as cultural heritage some 20 years ago. 

“The tombs are among interesting structures in Tokat but we don’t know why they were made of wood. Academic studies should be carried out here and we are ready to provide necessary support to researchers who want to study the tombs,” he said. 

Niksar Mayor Özdilek Özcan also said there were no wooden tombs in other villages. 

“These tombs are believed to date back 100-150 years. They are unique to the Büyükyurt village and they need to be studied,” the mayor said.