Museums to provide brochures for blind

Museums to provide brochures for blind

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Museums to provide brochures for blind

Brochures prepared for the blind will be available in some museums for now.

The Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry has begun preparing brochures with the Braille alphabet to provide visually handicapped people the opportunity to enjoy the country’s museums.

The project first began at nine museums that receive a high number of visitors but the project will also be extended to other museums and ancient sites next year.

Ministry official Murat Usta said they were developing new projects to make things easier for blind people in museums and at ancient sites.

Noting that such places were visited by many Turkish and foreign tourists ever year, Usta said, “We developed this project so that blind visitors could better understand the historical texture of a museum when visiting there and prepared these brochures with the Braille alphabet introducing museums.”

He said 100 Turkish and 100 English brochures were sent to nine museums and would be reprinted if necessary. Usta said the brochures required a special printing technique and added that they had submitted the brochures to the Federation for the Blind.

“The brochures have been printed after necessary checks. They are found at the entrance to museums. They are given for free to blind people if they want,” he said.

The brochures are now available at the Anatolian Civilization Museums, Antalya Archaeology Museum, Hagia Sophia Museum, Ephesus Museum, Istanbul Büyük Saray Mosaics Museum, Kariye Museums, Topkapı Palace Museums and Istanbul Turkish and Islamic Arts Museums.

A short history of the museums and information about notable works at the venues are included in the brochures.

Usta said a brochure would also be prepared for the Gazintep Mosaic Museum by the end of December.