Missing US journalist's family asks for CHP's help

Missing US journalist's family asks for CHP's help

Missing US journalists family asks for CHPs help

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The family of American freelance journalist, missing in Syria since mid-August, has asked for help from the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) to rescue their son, private broadcaster CNNTURK reported.

Austin Tice's family contacted the CHP via the Journalists Without Borders Organization in order to request the help of the deputies who contributed to the rescue of a Turkish journalist held by Syrian authorities last week.

A delegation composed of CHP lawmakers, the Ehli Beyt Culture and Solidarity Foundation head Ali Yeral, and representatives of various journalist associations, went to Syria and managed to return Turkish journalist Cüneyt Ünal home safely after three months in a Syrian prison.

CHP spokesman Ali Öztunç confirmed the request from Tice's family through Twitter, adding that they would soon be coming to Turkey to meet CHP representatives.

31-year-old freelance journalist Tice has been missing since mid-August and was last seen in video footage released late-September, blindfolded while being prodded and dragged by a gunmen.

Tice, a former Marine, had just finished at law school when he decided to go to Syria to become a journalist.