Minnows shock Fener

Minnows shock Fener

Bandırma Kırmızı got only its second win in the Beko Basketball League, gaining a major upset win over defending champion Fenerbahçe Ülker on Feb. 11.

The minnow side, which is sitting on the bottom of the Turkish basketball league standings, beat Fenerbahçe Ülker 77-71 to claim one of the biggest surprises to happen this season.

Paul Miller and İbrahim Yıldırım both scored 19 points to lead Bandırma, while James Gist led for Fenerbahçe, who suffered a Euroleague defeat at Panathinaikos last week, with 17 points.

Formerly a feeder club, Bandırma Kırmızı cut its ties with Banvit after it was promoted to the top-flight and is competing mostly with young players.

“We are not thinking about relegation or something else. Our main target is playing good basketball,” coach Selçuk Ernak said. “What matters most is our young players’ future. We will continue to aim playing well in the future.”

Banvit, also competing in the Eurocup, is sitting second in the Beko Basketball League standings.