Mars chocolate bars recalled in Turkey amid ‘plastic’ row

Mars chocolate bars recalled in Turkey amid ‘plastic’ row

Mars chocolate bars recalled in Turkey amid ‘plastic’ row


Mars announced it has recalled a selected group of its chocolate bars sold in Turkey and more than 50 other countries in a written statement on Feb. 25, after a piece of plastic was found in one snack made in its Dutch factory. 

The U.S.-based company said three different types of chocolate bars will be recalled in a limited number in the Turkish market as “a precautionary step.” 

The company noted the recall process only covered Snickers bars made in the Dutch factory, adding that “the remaining products are safe and can be consumed.” 

Millions of chocolate bars were deemed possibly unsafe for consumption in 55 countries after a customer in Germany found a piece of red plastic in his Snickers bar last month.  

The recall “only involves the products that are made in the Netherlands” at the Mars factory in the southern town of Veghel, a company representative told Agence France-Presse on Feb. 23, adding the products were mainly sold in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe.

The recall of the chocoholic snacks also affects Milky Way minis and some boxes of Celebrations. The recall hit most European countries and also extended as far as Vietnam and Sri Lanka in Asia.

Chocolate lovers in the United States need not worry as the recall does not extend to the company’s home base, according to several reports.