Local carrier to establish six airline firms abroad

Local carrier to establish six airline firms abroad

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet
Turkish air carrier Atlasjet has said it is working to establish six airline companies abroad, which are planned to be the national or the most powerful carriers of their countries.

“We will start up airline companies in six countries,” Atlasjet CEO Sami Alan told reporters during a journey to Mykonos inaugurating the carrier’s first flight to the Greek island.

Atlasjet takes a different growth strategy, Alan said. “Other airline firms in Turkey are growing more based on Turkey. We want to use our potential abroad.”

In January Alan had said the airline has obtained permission licenses in both South Sudan and autonomous Kurdish northern Iraq, although the company has not yet been able to establish the company in the latter due to issues over the deal with Baghdad.

However, the company’s plans are not limited to establishing new companies as Alan had said Altasjet would also export know-how to some other countries.