Lebanese army confirms rocket fired toward Israel

Lebanese army confirms rocket fired toward Israel

BEIRUT - Agence France-Presse
Lebanese army confirms rocket fired toward Israel

An Israeli fire fighter works at the scene where a Katyusha rocket fired from southern Lebanon slammed into a gas tank. AFP photo

A Lebanese army spokesman confirmed to AFP today that a rocket was fired overnight from southern Lebanon toward Israel, adding it was still unclear who was behind the incident.

 "We know that a rocket was fired from the (border) region of Rmaish and we are investigating," said the spokesman, who did not wish to be identified.

 He said Israel had retaliated by firing four rockets.

 The Israeli army said earlier that several rockets fired from southern Lebanon had landed in its territory and warned the Lebanese government against any further such attacks.

 Southern Lebanon is largely controlled by the powerful Shiite militant party Hezbollah, which fought a devastating war with Israel in 2006 that left much of the region in ruins.

 A Hezbollah official contacted by AFP said the party had no immediate comment on Tuesday's incident.

 Residents of Ayta al-Shaab, located near Rmaish, said they heard more than one rocket being fired from a valley between the two villages overnight and scrambled for cover.

 "We heard rockets being fired from the valley and then Israel retaliated," one resident said. There were no reports of injuries.

 "The explosions brought us back to 2006 when the entire village was destroyed during the war with Israel," said Abu Ali Tehineh, 60, a resident of Ayta al-Shaab.

 The 2006 war erupted after Hezbollah launched a cross-border attack from Ayta al-Shaab on an Israeli border patrol and captured two soldiers.

 The last rocket attack from southern Lebanon into Israel dates back to September 2009.