KRG to be illuminated with Turkish power

KRG to be illuminated with Turkish power

ARBIL - Anadolu Agency
KRG to be illuminated with Turkish power

The electricity minister of the Kurdish Regional Government said they made a power deal with a Turkish firm. DAILY NEWS photo

A Turkish company will meet the electricity needs of the Kurdish region of Iraq, the electricity minister of the regional administration has told Anadolu Agency.

“We made a 150-megawatt agreement with a firm from Turkey. We will be able to renew the contract and raise the capacity if needed,” said Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) Electricity Minister Yaseen Ebubekir, without specifying the name of the company.

The electricity transferred from Turkey would be distributed to the region through a 300-MW power plant located in Zakho, Ebubekir said.

By expanding the electricity facility network throughout the territory, the electricity could be transferred to Mosul as well as other Kurdish provinces.

“We held meetings with both Mosul’s governor and Turkish authorities about [the transfer of electricity to Mosul]. We couldn’t raise the capacity as much as we [wanted to], but our efforts for this are continuing,” he said.