Kilner says firms need confidence for US trade

Kilner says firms need confidence for US trade

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Kilner says firms need confidence for US trade

Turkey and the US have to let go of outdated strategies and focus on innovative ones, Ümit Boyner says. DHA photo

The confidence that separates Turkey from its competitors seems to be lacking in its economic relations with the U.S., said Scott Kilner, the U.S. consul-general in Istanbul, speaking at the luncheon that followed the unveiling of a mutual trade report.

“The confidence that separates Turkey not only from its past, but also from its neighbors and competitors, seems to flag a little when it comes to doing business with the U.S. I am puzzled by this, because it is not justified.”

Turkish-U.S. trade relations have come a long way since the early 1980’s, when he first served in Turkey, Kilner said, adding what he finds most impressive is that economic dialogue between governments is now increasingly private-sector driven.

Energy, construction

Turkey and the United States need to increase their joint investments in such areas as energy, construction and health, said Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) President Ümit Boyner yesterday at the unveiling of the TÜSİAD and U.S. Chamber of Commerce report “Turkish-American relations in the new era: an analysis and recommendations for a stronger strategic partnership,” prepared by Washington D.C.-based Sidar Global Advisors.

Boyner said that Turkey and the U.S. have to let go out of outdated strategies and instead focus on innovative ones designed to foster relations between the countries. “We have to work towards implementing coordinated export schemes between the two governments,” she said, adding that the U.S. is Turkey’s most important economic partner. Boyner said that the U.S. should employ the same sorts of customs protocols that it is considering applying to the EU, such as a free trade agreement.
“Turkey’s growth and its position as the 15th most attractive country in terms of foreign investment have really impressed us,” said the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s vice president for Europe and Eurasia, Peter Rashish, speaking at the unveiling. Rashish also said that American firms want to be part of Turkey’s goal to become one of the top ten global economies by 2023. “There are important investment opportunities for American companies in the growing Turkish market. American and Turkish firms need to get to know one another better.”