Kandil sent its decision

Kandil sent its decision

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In the solution process, one more step is being climbed. Kandil, Europe and the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) will inform Öcalan of their decisions on the solution. After this, there will be a ceasefire declaration and a call to withdraw will come from İmralı. Meanwhile, there might be a problem in the formation of a new delegation. The leaking of the minutes of a former meeting as well as the statements made on the return from İmralı has created some disturbance.

The information the government has is that the minutes were leaked by two people and the leaked text was “served” after a subtle modification operation. For example, Öcalan’s words about women were omitted.

1. The minutes have been designed as if Öcalan is conducting the process, based on a strategy that Öcalan is the only determiner from the Constitution to where Erdoğan is situated. Öcalan is a significant actor in the process but not the architect. It is Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who is the architect of this process.

In this process, an opportunity is offered to Öcalan, “You will be an honorable actor in this solution process. You will take part in the construction of a New Turkey or within the equilibriums to be formed in a couple of years; the cleanup of the PKK may become inevitable.”

2. The solution process emerged with more strength, passing through assassinations and sabotages. Why?

This was due to the prime minister’s determined stance of supporting the process and due to the strong public belief that there will be a solution.

From the moment the process started, the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party) votes did not go under 50 percent; whereas the demand for a solution jumped from 40 percent to 69 percent.
When he demanded the lifting of the political immunity for BDP deputies who met with PKK members at Şemdinli, there was an Erdoğan who was able to convince society. Today, there is also an Erdoğan who can make the masses believe when a solution is mentioned.

The person who was Tony Blair’s advisor during the IRA process, Jonathan Powell, said that Blair was acting with the belief that he was given a divine duty. This attitude of Blair’s has been facilitative in overcoming many problems.

Similarly, the president of the apartheid regime De Klerk was able to establish peace because he could take all the risks.

If at any point Erdoğan suspects that they are being deceived by the PKK and he refrains from shouldering the responsibility, then the process will collapse on our heads.

When President Lincoln, who ended slavery in the United States, was elected the second time, he had a dream and, as always, asked his wife what that meant.

He saw a ship in his dream. His wife told him “That ship will end slavery.”

Whether the ship that goes to İmralı can have such a meaning, I don’t know.

But Lincoln’s wife also told him one more thing, “There is nobody else but you who is so much adored by the people. You can do whatever you want right now.”

Erdoğan is at that point now.

Lincoln had a dream; Erdoğan, though, has a target of building a “New Turkey.”

The prime minister also knows that without solving this issue, a new Turkey cannot be built.

For this reason, we should continue on our way without turning this leaking incident into a crisis.

Here is a final piece of information.

Kandil’s written answer has not come yet but their message has arrived.
Kandil said, “Our leader’s decision is our decision.”

Abdülkadir Selvi is a columnist for daily Yeni Şafak in which this piece was published on March 11. It was translated into English by the Daily News staff.