İzmit’s historic Karaburç to be restored

İzmit’s historic Karaburç to be restored

KOCAELİ – Anadolu Agency
İzmit’s historic Karaburç to be restored

Karaburç castle and its historic walls, which have traces of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman eras in the northwestern province of Kocaeli’s İzmit district, will undergo restoration.

According to a statement made by the İzmit Municipality, the Culture and Tourism Ministry provided five million Turkish Liras of financial support for the restoration of the historic structure and its walls in the Orhan neighborhood.

The statement said Karaburç was one of the rare structures that had traces of three civilizations and should therefore be taken under protection by UNESCO.

The structure’s inner walls date back to the 12th century and the outer walls date back to the first half of the 13th century, the statement said, adding that it was the acropolis of ancient Nicomedia, known today as İzmit.

Mayor Nevzat Doğan was quoted saying they had rescued many historic artifacts in the region thanks to a project called “History Corridor” and restoration works in Karaburç would start soon.

"We have spent more than 30 million liras so far for the restoration of 71 historic structures in the city. We also receive financial support from organizations. History from the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and the Republic eras has been revived in the city. Our next goal is to revive the historic structures in Nekrepol, Tümülüsler and Paşasuyu,” the mayor said.