İYİ Party leader critical of govt’ policies on health

İYİ Party leader critical of govt’ policies on health

İYİ Party leader critical of govt’ policies on health

İYİ (Good) Party leader Meral Akşener on March 16 expressed criticism for the government’s policies in the field of health and rights of medical staff in Turkey.

“Dear doctors trained by our republic; We know that you work with great sacrifices, devotion and difficulties. We know that you do not get the respect your valuable profession deserves. We know that you are exposed to all kinds of injustice, from working hours to violence,” Akşener said, addressing her party’s parliamentary group meeting.

“As if all this weren’t enough, we know how you were worn out when you were faced with unsympathetic, hostile and spoiled attitudes. But be patient a little longer, it’s very soon! Happy and peaceful days to see,” she said, pledging to better the working conditions of the medical staff if her party comes to the power.

“We will not allow you to be despised anymore. Don’t worry,” Akşener added.

Akşener reacted to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s statement regarding doctors in which he said, “Let them [doctors] go,” in the face of several Turkish doctors migrating to western countries for better working conditions.

She said Erdoğan made an “unjust and groundless attack” at the doctors with these words.

The citizens of Turkey have difficulty in finding medicines in pharmacies or they have to cope with the high prices of these products, the İYİ Party leader said.

The main reason for these problems is that Turkey had become completely foreign-dependent in medicine, Akşener stated.

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