Israelis prefer Turkey for hair transplantation

Israelis prefer Turkey for hair transplantation

JERUSALEM - Anadolu Agency
Israelis prefer Turkey for hair transplantation

Israeli men come to Turkey to have hair transplant operations despite strained political relations between Israel and Turkey.

Nearly 200,000 Israelis visited Turkey in 2014 but the figure exceeded 500,000 in 2019, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute.

The majority of Israeli tourists come for good medical service, especially plastic surgery and hair transplants.

Health tourism is growing in daily in Turkey and advertisements related to hair transplantation in Turkey are seen everywhere in Israel, including on YouTube.

A lot of people who had a hair transplant might get attention from outgoing air passengers who go to Israel from Turkey.

There are many companies in Israel that organize hair transplantation tours to Turkey.

Entrepreneur Aviad Bitton, 34, has a tour company and said he takes approximately 100 people to Turkey for hair transplant operations every month.

He said his clients prefer Turkey because of its medical quality and inexpensive prices.

"Turkey is the one of the countries which has the best and experienced doctors and the hospitals and doctors work so professional, therefore, my clients choose Turkey," he said.

Social media expert Noam Goren, 43, who came to Turkey for a hair transplant operation, said the high-efficiency procedure in Turkey it cheaper than in Israel.

"I was very glad when I went to Turkey for hair transplantation. People were very kind. They made me feel at home," he said.

Asked why Israelis prefer Turkey, he said Turkey is so close to Israel and Turkish people are very polite.

"Before coming to Istanbul I made a travel plan to see the city. It is a really beautiful city," he said.

Robin Elgad, 28, a doctor who prefers Turkey for hair transplant operations, said the medical quality is very high in Turkey.

Stressing the professionalism in Turkey, he said he suggests Turkey to everyone for good times and quality health service.

Igal Fridman, 32, a math teacher, said Turkey gives confidence, therefore, he has chosen it.

“Turkey is a reliable and inexpensive country; therefore, I suggest this country to everyone who needs a hair transplant operation,” he said.

Itamar Torris, 45, a lawyer who plans to go to Turkey for a hair transplant said it cost approximately 8,000 euros ($8,678) in Israel but just 2,500 euros ($2,711) in Turkey.

"You can combine hair transplantation with a touristic tour and you can have an opportunity to visit Istanbul. My hair transplantation operation will take about three days, but I want to stay 10 days to see the country," he said.