Israeli apology on summit’s program

Israeli apology on summit’s program

The Marmara Group Foundation thinks Israel’s apology, which has been characterized as a great success for Turkish foreign policy, will surely have a place on the agenda in discussions of energy, communications and regional security.

The topics to be addressed under the meeting’s agenda, taking into consideration the dimensions of new policies and new paradigms, will emerge on their own.

“I believe that Turkey, which has recently pursued closer ties with the Gulf countries at a regional level, will make up for the trade and commercial losses it has experienced with its neighbors, and re-evaluate and re-determine its new path forward,” the foundation’s chairman, Akkan Suver, told the Hürriyet Daily News.

“Furthermore, Turkey is trying to gain success through its diplomacy in a region that is becoming increasingly unstable. The latest example of this is the success with Israel,” he said.

One of the results of this apology is the opportunity to cast aside doubts and hard feelings toward the West that they had experienced for a while, he said. “I hope to see Israel among us at the 16th Eurasian Economic Summit,” Suver said before the event.

Additionally, he said the present low level in diplomatic relations between Turkey and Israel had affected their work as well. Now following the apology “we hope the level of the relations will increase again, and it will be able to participate in our activities,” he said.