ISIL jihadists execute nine people in northern Iraq

ISIL jihadists execute nine people in northern Iraq

KIRKUK, Iraq - Agence France-Presse
ISIL jihadists execute nine people in northern Iraq

Members of Kurdish security forces walk near a flag belonging to ISIL militants during an intensive security deployment in southern Kirkuk. REUTERS Photo

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters executed nine people on Oct. 10 in two northern Iraqi towns on suspicion of ties to anti-jihadist Sunni grassroots organisations, security sources and witnesses said.        

In the town of Az-Zab, 90 kilometers west of the oil hub of Kirkuk, six people were executed in public.
"ISIL executed four residents of the lower part of Az-Zab and two from villages near Az-Zwiya," a few miles further to the west, a local security official said.
Witnesses said the six were accused of being involved in efforts to organise Sunni resistance to ISIL in the Hawija region. They were executed on a marketplace, they said.
It was in the same area that residents of the village of Tel Ali burned an IS flag last month.        

In retaliation, the jihadists abducted 50 residents and put up flags across the region, even booby-trapping some of them to stop locals from removing them.
In Baiji, about 35 kilometers to the south, three men were beheaded on Friday, a security official in the region said.
The official said the three men had been abducted a few days earlier and were former members of the Sahwa organisation funded by the US military to combat Al-Qaeda in 2007-08.
Iraq's Shiite-dominated government has been encouraging Sunni tribes to rise up against the extremist group that met little resistance when it swept through the country's Sunni heartland in June.