Iranian-made productions in Turkey

Iranian-made productions in Turkey

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Iranian-made productions in Turkey

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Iran’s GEM TV will make 100 cinema and 20 TV series in Turkey, with one of its TV productions being shot in the southern province of Antalya. 

GEM TV holds the Middle East merchandising rights for popular Turkish series such as “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” (Magnificent Century), “Karadayı,” “Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne,” (What is Fatmagül’s Fault) and “Yaprak Dökümü” (Fallen Leaves).

GEM TV, despite being Iranian, is based in Britain because of the Iranian regime and for the first time since its establishment, it has realized a TV series project. The series, starring Turkish Reha Beyoğlu, is set to have 60 episodes. 

At a recent press conference in Antalya, the owner of GEM TV, Saeed Karimian said they had channels in Persian, Arabic, Kurdish and Azerbaijani languages, with their Turkish and English channels set to start broadcasting in 2016. 

“We want to initiate 100 cinema and 20 TV series projects in Turkey starting from 2016. We have been doing feasibility study and researches for 11 months for only this project. Our 1,400 workers worldwide will come to Turkey within a month for these projects… The films and series of this project will be Arabic and Persian. All productions will also be broadcast in Turkish,” said Karimian. 

He said the GEMTÜRK Channel will begin broadcasting all of its productions in the coming days. 

When asked about the popularity of Turkish TV series in the Middle East, Karimian said, “Since Iranian culture is very close to Turkish culture, Iranians feel the same way with Turks in TV series. Turks are closer to them than Americans or other countries’ people. Turkish actors in TV series may be better known and more loved in Iran.” 

He said that 120 Turkish TV series were broadcast in their channel, adding that the most loved ones were “Magnificent Century” and “What is Fatmagül’s Fault.”

Iranian-made productions in Turkey

First project difficulties 

Atar of the first TV series shot by GEM TV, “Kalori Yasak” (Calorie Are Forbidden), Beyoğlu said he had also starred in the 2013 film “Atatürk’ün Fedaisi Topal Osman” (Atatürk’s Bodyguard Topal Osman). 

Beyoğlu said Turkish TV series reached the Middle East via GEM TV, adding, “Turkish actors are popular there. I have a chance to be starring on such a special channel. We have had difficulties since this is the first project; there are mistakes and lack of experience.”

The production coordinator Elif Demirelli said they did their best to show the best places of Antalya in the series and the first 16 episodes had been already done. “When we are finished, we will start other TV series and cinema projects,” she added.

Iranian-made productions in Turkey