Iranian director to tell life of prophet

Iranian director to tell life of prophet

MARDIN - Anatolia News Agency
Iranian director to tell life of prophet

Iranian director Majid Majidi (2nd L) is attending a press conference to speak about his film, which features the life story of Prophet Mohammad and Islam religion. DHA Photo

Iranian director Majid Majidi will tell the story of the life of Prophet Mohammad in his new film.

Majidi, who attended the seventh SineMardin International Film Festival held in the eastern province of Mardin as a guest of honor, held a press conference on June 9 at the Sabancı City Museum and provided information about his new film.

He said the film, with a budget of $50 million, would tell about the religion of Islam. He said the world knew little about Islam and most of their information was wrong.

“We have been working for four years for this film. We did research on it for two years. The world knows Islam with terror. Therefore I wanted to make a film to show the real face of Islam. There are films that have been made before. They did not show the face of Prophet Mohammad out of respect for Islam and the prophet. But there is nothing like this in the religion. Only his face is not visible. He will appear physically but we will not see his face.”

Majidi said it was a big project and a set had been created showing Iran, Medina and Mecca 400 years ago. “This set has been made by Islamic Hollywood. Other directors can make films there, too,” he said.

In cinemas after two years

Majidi said half the filming was done and the movie would be released in two years, adding, “The title of the film is not clear yet but we are thinking about ‘Mohammad.’ We have held talks with ulamas in Iran and Turkey. They are positive about the project. We will show the film everywhere.”

In a special series of screenings, Majidi met with the festival audience in Mardin. His films “Children of Heaven,” “Rain,” and “The Song of Sparrows” are being shown at the festival, which will continue until June 15.