Involve Turkey in US free trade: EU official

Involve Turkey in US free trade: EU official

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Involve Turkey in US free trade: EU official

An EU parliament member has asked Trade Commissioner De Guch to consider Turkey in trade talks with the US.

A Dutch Member of European Parliament has asked the European trade commissioner to consider the impact of the Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement to be signed between the U.S. and the EU on the Turkish economy and businesses.

“Not only does a transatlantic deal seek to set new global trade rules, but especially as a member of the EU’s single market through the 1995 Custom Union, Turkey is bound to accept the EU’s commitments in the free trade talks,” Marietje Schaake told European Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht.

The U.S. and EU launched moves in February to open negotiations on a new free trade pact that seeks to eliminate barriers. 

Since then, the free trade deals between the EU and third parties have enabled these other countries’ goods to enter Turkish markets via Europe with zero duties, yet the decision to provide the same privileges to Turkey is up to the third party. Turkey has been requesting its involvement in the process.
“The EU and Turkey should jointly investigate the impact of a deal on the Turkish economy, including small and medium-sized businesses, which account for a substantial share of Turkish GDP,” Schaake said.