Interest in vinyl on rise despite digitalization

Interest in vinyl on rise despite digitalization

Interest in vinyl on rise despite digitalization

Despite the impact of digitalization on the music industry, the sales of vinyl records have been on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fact that people, who have to spend most of their time at home due to the outbreak, have found new hobbies, increased the interest in nostalgic vinyl records, which normally draws interest of its enthusiasts only.

It has been nearly one year since the pandemic began and TV series, movies, books, crafts and music have become an inevitable part of life. Vinyl records are now remembered again thanks to the music used in series and movies.

Turkish singer Ferdi Özbeğen, who died in 2013, rose to the first place on the list of artists whose records have recently become the most popular.

Vinyl sellers are also pleased with this unexpected interest.

Vedat İspir, who sells vinyl records both online and in an antiques market in Istanbul, is one of the tradesmen to be extremely pleased with this situation. Holding the largest selection of foreign vinyl records in Turkey, İspir has been involved in this market for nearly 30 years due to his interest.

Stating that there was no interest in vinyl in the past years, but its enthusiasts increased day by day especially with the start of the pandemic.

“Vinyl records were used to be thrown away in the past. I did not keep them in the past, too. I did not have interest in vinyl. Especially after the films and TV series were released, the interest in vinyl increased, and accordingly, their sales increased. Old artists are in demand the most. Among them are Ferdi Özbeğen, Orhan Gencebay, Müslüm Gürses, Zeki Müren and many others. They have become popular recently. Semiramis Pekkan is out now and there is a lot of interest in her, too.”

Stating that thanks to Netflix’s Turkish series “Bir Başkadır” (Ethos), this year, the interest in the songs of Özbeğen increased, the sales boomed, and he sold all of the records of the artist.

He said that the number of both those who buy and sell vinyl records in Turkey is gradually increasing, adding, “There is great interest especially during the pandemic. As sellers, we are pleased with this situation. The longer people stay at home, the more they listen to vinyl records. They consider it a hobby. People who are interested in music always buy vinyl records when they stay at home.”

Giving information about the things to be careful about when buying vinyl, he said, “Condition is very important. There are factors that determine the condition according to the scratches on it, and these factors should be considered. Eight is the number that defines the worst condition in a vinyl.”

İspir explained that vinyl records are no longer produced, and that this era started in the 1800’s and ended in the 1950’s.

İspir stated that the prices of the certain period records are 200-250 Turkish Liras and the prices of the new printed records are 100 liras.

He said that he holds the largest foreign vinyl record selection in Turkey and that he bought them from abroad. Stating that although he wanted so much, he could not create his own collection because he listened to every record, İspir said, “I have been listening to them since my childhood. Frankly, I do not make a collection, but I have very important customers who collect them; I appreciate these people.”

He said that the new-period vinyl records are not produced in Turkey but abroad.