Infographics invoked to help better understand Kadıköy

Infographics invoked to help better understand Kadıköy

Sarah Selin Doğan ISTANBUL
Infographics invoked to help better understand Kadıköy

Haydarpaşa Station project.

An interdisciplinary group has produced five projects to better understand Istanbul’s Kadıköy district using infographics in the first Turkish workshop of its kind, titled "Şehrine Ses Ver" (Give sound to your city).

The project was organized by and in cooperation with the Tasarım Atölyesi Kadıköy and the Mimar Sinan University Informatics Department.

Workshop participants collected data about Kadıköy, transforming the information into easily perceivable graphic visual representations. Five projects, including Haydarpaşa Station, Culture&Art Production in Kadıköy, District Bazaars, Everyone's Kadıköy and Göztepe Park, were created during the workshop, while the groups created scenarios and designed icons and colors for unique infographics.

With the final works, the organization team and participants aim to approach rapidly changing living spaces through the use of science and encourage individuals and professionals to become involved in these transformations.

The infographics workshop was the first interdisciplinary work in Turkey to be used as a source for developing urban strategies and habitable cities with identities.

The groups’ works are being displayed at the Tasarım Atölyesi Kadıköy, while Istanbul Technical University and Mimar Sinan University will host the works after the current exhibition ends on Nov. 9.