Hike on mint workers’ wage may end strike

Hike on mint workers’ wage may end strike

ANKARA - Anadolu Agency
Hike on mint workers’ wage may end strike

Labor Minister Faruk Çelik speaks at a groundbreaking ceremony in this Aug 22 file photo.

The strike at the mint which has been hurting gold market prices may come to an end, following the labor minister’s hint that their wages will be increased in line with demands.

According to a recently reached collective labor agreement, the workers’ average net salary will be 2,365 Turkish Liras ($1,200), Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Çelik said in a written statement on Aug. 24.

Turkish mint workers have been on strike since July 8, in an attempt to increase their salary and improve working conditions.

The average salary of mint workers is currently 1,562 liras ($835) and representatives from the union of the printing and press industry, Basın-İş, say they want this amount to be raised to around 2,000 liras.

Çelik’s announcement may put an end to the strike, which has been a big source of concern for the gold market. Despite lower demand, gold has witnessed a considerable price increase because of the strike.

The minister claimed that the Basın-İş union took the strike decision without reaching the end of the collective labor bargaining process and asked the workers to go back to their job.

“I’m calling out our brother workers. The collective labor agreement results will be reflected to your salaries. I believe that it’s right to go back to your jobs to prevent further losses and put an end to your suffering,” he said in the statement.

Despite the wedding season and a fall in gold prices, which had raised demand for gold, the strike at the mint, which reduced gold production, raised the price of a quarter gold coin by 15 liras.