Havelsan set to sell info system abroad

Havelsan set to sell info system abroad

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
The command and control information system (DOOB) developed by Turkish defense industry manufacturer Havelsan will be a global winner and it has been drawing interest already, Havelsan Director General Sadık Yamaç has said.

“We believe DOBB will have a good place in the world. We tried it at NATO, and it was really adored,” Yamaç said on May 10, the last day of the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF).

Turkey has been trying to close the gap in technology, according to Yamaç, and the DOOB system is a good proof of the progress it has made so far.

Negotiations with the Turkish General Staff, Pakistan, and some NATO member countries on the sale of DOOB have been proceeding.

Yamaç said DOOB was a highly integrated system. “It is a system which offers mutual mobility, brings various parts of armed forces and directs their mobility.”

Havelsan’s director of marketing and business development, Alparslan Kuloğlu, who was also present at the fair, said DOOB was a system operating to make land, air and naval forces fight together.

The most important feature of the system is flexibility, said Kuloğlu. “Every country has its own system of command and control. DOOB, with its 31 different software protocols, can be integrated to the existing command and control system in any country.” He added it was easier, with the help of DOOB, to control people in the field during a war or an attack.