Havaş restarts airport shuttle services in Ankara

Havaş restarts airport shuttle services in Ankara

Havaş restarts airport shuttle services in Ankara Turkey’s ground handling company Havaş has resumed its airport shuttle services in the capital city of Ankara, said the company in a press release on Aug. 10. 

The services are offered between Ankara’s Esenboğa Airport and the main bus terminal, AŞTİ. 

There will be an average of 50 round trips between the destinations, said the company. 

“We are happy to meet passengers in Ankara again. After a 33-year non-stop presence, we had to suspend our services in Ankara for the last 10 months compulsorily,” said Havaş CEO Kürşad Koçak, adding that there may be more services offered in the future.

The company’s services between Esenboğa Airport and several points in the city center were halted in 2014 after the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality hired a private company to service this route for a 10-year period. Havaş strongly reacted to this decision.

A total of 10 vehicles are operating in the city currently, according to the press release. 

The company, which is under the roof of TAV Airports, offers ground handling services in 19 airports in Turkey. With its “new” service in Ankara, Havaş has services in 32 destinations, said the company, including Germany, Latvia and Saudi Arabia.