Greek leftist MP claims attacked by neo-Nazis

Greek leftist MP claims attacked by neo-Nazis

ATHENS - The Associated Press
Greek leftist MP claims attacked by neo-Nazis

Protesters hold a banner during a protest against racism in Athens.

A leftist Greek lawmaker was attacked by three men at a football match Dec. 16 who he said identified themselves as members of the far-right Golden Dawn party.

Dimitris Stratoulis, of the Radical Left Coalition, SYRIZA, said the trio threatened to kill him while striking him with several blows to the head. Spectators came to his aid and the assailants fled. Stratoulis, 54, was with his adult son at the time of the attack. It happened in the concourse area of the Olympic Stadium during halftime of the match. Stratoulis, who was bloodied but didn’t sustain serious injuries, filed a police complaint.

Golden Down denies involvement in attack

Golden Dawn has denied involvement in the attack. “Golden Dawn had nothing to do with the incident against Stratoulis. The leftist party hacks ... should stop using the name of the Golden Dawn,” party said. SYRIZA said they believed Golden Dawn was responsible. “We demand ... prosecution of the perpetrators,” the party said. “It is certain that tolerance towards the Golden Dawn will lead to loss of life.”

In an unrelated incident in the central city of Volos, SYRIZA parliament member Alexandros Meikopoulos said he was the victim of violence by riot police at a separate soccer game.