Greek PM complains about Turkey to Biden: Gov’t sources

Greek PM complains about Turkey to Biden: Gov’t sources

Yorgo Kirbaki – Athens
Greek PM complains about Turkey to Biden: Gov’t sources

Turkey has taken the lead on the subjects in an official meeting between Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis and U.S. President Joe Biden, with the Greek side complaining about its neighbor by showing Turkey’s “Blue Homeland” map.

According to Greek government sources, Mitsotakis firstly complaint about Turkish fighter jets, and alleged that these jets fly over the Aegean Sea and the Greek islands.

He then showed Turkey’s “Blue Homeland” map, which shows Turkey’s realm of authority on the seas, to Biden, who welcomed him on May 16 in the White House with a blue and white tie, symbolizing Greece’s flag.

Saying that Turkey is endangering security in the eastern Mediterranean, Mitsotakis said, “We want a peaceful solution to conflicts between our neighbors, but we will not accept any violation to our sovereignty.”

According to Greek sources, Mitsotakis also said his country’s will to buy a fleet of F-35 fighter jets, between 20 to 24, from the United States.

The Cyprus issue was another matter on the table. Mitsotakis asked Biden to “use his influence” for the start of the Cyprus talks.

Greek media especially remarked that Biden applauded the Greek PM after Mitsotakis said, “Nobody would accept a solution based on two separate states.”

After his meeting with Biden, Mitsotakis addressed the U.S. Congress and asked the Congressmen not to allow the sale of F-16s to Turkey.

Following several applauses to his speech, the Greek PM joked, “I am not applauded this much in the Greek parliament.”

“The wind is nearby Greece in the Congress,” Greek officials commented.

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