Girmana Canyon enthralls nature-lovers

Girmana Canyon enthralls nature-lovers

Girmana Canyon enthralls nature-lovers

The picturesque Girmana Canyon in eastern Turkey is attracting nature-lovers with its historical and natural beauty.

With its steep cliffs, the canyon in Malatya province attracts visitors with a splendid view carved from the rocks by the Kuru stream and the surrounding trees. Located 20 kilometers (12 miles) southeast of the center of the Hekimhan district, the canyon also presents various sports activities.

The serene spot offers solace to nature-lovers who want to get away from the stress of urban life. Visitors can also find various picnic spots in the canyon, where water temperatures drop to 0C (32F) during the Summer.

Turan Karadağ, Hekimhan's mayor, told Anadolu Agency the canyon offers visitors different recreational activities. "The canyon, whose history dates back 35 million years, is worth seeing," Karadag said.

"We want everyone to come and see this place. It's a good place for outdoor sports and rafting. People can relax, set up tents, come with their families and friends and have a great time."

Claiming that approximately 5,000 people visit natural beauty each year, Karadağ said they aimed to increase the number of tourists.