Gilead launches domestic products to local market

Gilead launches domestic products to local market

Gilead launches domestic products to local market

Gilead Sciences has launched its first domestic products to the local market with support of the Investment Office of the Presidency and in cooperation with Pharmactive.

Turkey has become one of the company’s newest production bases in the world for its strategic medicines for Hepatitis and HIV diseases.

Gilead, which started domestic production in cooperation with its partner Pharmactive with its vision of ‘In Turkey for Turkey’, will thus be able to contribute around 70 percent to volume domestic product, the company said in a statement.

With this localization investment of $60 million, the company will produce innovative medicines in the fields of Hepatitis and HIV in Turkey.

Gilead started to produce its Hepatitis B medicine in Turkey at the beginning of this year, while the series of HIV medicines produced in the country was also launched in the second quarter of 2022.

“As Gilead, we have included the government’s vision of domestic production in our policies, especially taking domestic production as one of our priorities for the last four years” said Şebnem Girgin, general manager of Gilead Sciences Turkey.

This investment is a milestone for Turkey to become a potential export center in the pharmaceutical field, she added.

“Our cooperation with Gilead, actually began with Gilead’s interest in Turkey,” said, Haluk Sancak, chairman of the Pharmactive Board of Directors. “The continuity of this cooperation, which started with the first step taken in 2019, is important. In this process, we completed the ‘technology transfer’ in a short time. Today, Pharmactive is now one of the 4 production bases of Gilead in the world for these products,” he added.

“As the Investment Office of the Presidency, we focus on increasing our share of global investments by bringing value-added and technology-based investments to our country,” said Burak Dağlıoğlu, head of the Investment Office of the Presidency, adding that the pharmaceutical sector is one of the most priority sectors for Turkey among international investments.