German authorities seize Justin Bieber's monkey

German authorities seize Justin Bieber's monkey

MUNICH - Agence France-Presse
German authorities seize Justin Biebers monkey

Canadian singer Justin Bieber performs on stage during the "I Believe Tour " in Munich, southern Germany, on Thursday, March 28, 2013. AP Photo

Canadian teen heartthrob Justin Bieber had his pet monkey Mally confiscated when he arrived with the animal at Munich airport, officials and media reports said March 30.

Customs officials put the capuchin monkey in quarantine on March 28 because the 19-year-old pop sensation was unable to present the necessary documents for importing a live animal.

Officials declined to confirm the monkey owner's identity but several media reports said it was the singer, who is on a tour or Germany and Austria.

"He (Mally) is doing well," said Thomas Meister of the airport's customs service, adding that the monkey could only be returned once the singer completed the necessary paperwork. Bieber has in recent weeks made the headlines for enraging many fans by arriving late on stage, suffering a health scare and getting into a foul-mouthed confrontation with a photographer.