Gaziantep Zoo takes measures against virus

Gaziantep Zoo takes measures against virus

Gaziantep Zoo takes measures against virus

In the Gaziantep Zoo in the southeastern province of Gaziantep, precautions have been taken within the scope of coronavirus measures.

In the zoo, which was already closed to visitors, is being disinfected at certain intervals and employees wearing protective clothing started feeding the animals with foods that would strengthen their immune system.

After coronavirus was seen in a zoo in the United States, measures were also taken in the Gaziantep Zoo, which is one of the world’s leading zoos. The officials pay attention to the isolation, and the health checks of the animals are done more frequently.

Celal Özsöyler, head of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Wildlife Conservation Department, said that all necessary measures were taken to protect both humans and animals from the risk of contamination.

Stating that the zoo was routinely disinfected before the virus, Özsöyler said, “We have increased the disinfection works that we routinely do. Our zoo is closed to visitors because of the coronavirus. Currently, both walkways and shelters are regularly disinfected. In addition, we take their temperatures at the entrance and exit to ensure the safety of our employees. We also ensure that they wear disposable clothes and use disinfectants when entering the shelters. They constantly change their masks, caps and gloves. We don’t allow them to contact animals. We routinely check the health of the animals. At the feeding stage, we protect our animals’ health by providing vitamins, minerals and energy-giving foods.”

Özsöyler also stated that the zoo, which was visited by 5 million people last year, will start receiving visitors after the coronavirus epidemic and that their target is to reach the same number this year.

Covering an area of 100 hectares, the Gaziantep Zoo is the biggest in Turkey and the Middle East, the third biggest in Europe and the fourth biggest zoo in the world.

It is home to 325 species and a total of 7,100 animals and attracts visitors from all over Turkey.

The Gaziantep Museum of Zoology and Natural History offers visitors the chance to see 700 exhibits of 550 varied species from mammals to reptiles, birds to marine animals, and the skeletons of a number of now extinct animals, consigned to the depths of history.