Gas problem about to be solved, says Yıldız

Gas problem about to be solved, says Yıldız

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Gas problem about to be solved, says Yıldız

Taner Yıldız, Turkish Energy Minister, responds to questions by a group of journalists on a natural gas flow problem at the premises of the parliament.

A problem regarding an interruption of the natural gas flow to Turkey from Azerbaijan and Iran is set to be solved, according to Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yıldız.

Replying to questions on the halt of the Azeri natural gas flow and a large fall in gas from Iran due to technical problems that emerged Feb. 7, Yıldız said officials in both countries were engaged in a great effort to solve the problem.

“The flow of Azeri gas to Turkey is to be increased gradually,” he said.

The gas flow from the eastern natural gas pipeline, where both Azeri and Iranian gas enters, fell nearly 85 percent Feb. 6.

Many countries have been suffering from poor weather conditions, Yıldız said, speaking of reports that Italy is also experiencing a gas shortage. There is no shortage in the natural gas given to residences and industry, the minister added.