French perfume brand meets Turkish clients

French perfume brand meets Turkish clients

ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
French perfume brand meets Turkish clients

Ulric de Varens, the creator and owner of the company, said their price policy is moderate.

The leading perfume brand in France, Ulric de Varens, which entered the Turkish market at the beginning of this year, is aiming to expand its selling area.

Paris-based Ulric de Varens, which has a share of around 20 percent of the French perfume market, has a strategy of offering “low-price but high-quality” perfume to clients by avoiding high expenses in advertising.

“We’re investing in products and creation, not advertising,” Ulric de Varens, the creator and owner of the company said in a recent interview with the Hürriyet Daily News.

De Varens said the company spared between 2 and 5 percent of revenue for advertisement. Thanks to the strategy of low margin, the company sold products less expensively when compared to the other brands.

He said they would pursue their strategy in Turkish markets. “We have different and special design and creativity. We have three values: quality, innovation and differentiation. We don’t sell prices, we sell differentiation,” he said.

De Varens noted that they didn’t want to compete with Turkish brands at about the same prices, adding, “We have the French touch.”

The company’s products are currently sold in some stores and drugstores in Turkey, but they planned to sell their perfumes also in supermarkets in the future.

Ulric de Varens’ perfumes are sold in 92 countries, he said, adding that they were also the market leader in Germany. The company, which was found in France in 1981, has eight branches aside from France: in Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Romania, Greece and Turkey.

Ulric de Varens was honored by many awards in creativity and design categories since 1997. The company received five awards in creativity, the best fragrance, the best package and the best design by Oscar Cosmétique Magazines.