Framework deal to develop engine for Turkey’s fighter jet signed

Framework deal to develop engine for Turkey’s fighter jet signed

Framework deal to develop engine for Turkey’s fighter jet signed

Turkey’s top defense industry authority has signed a framework agreement with TR Motor to develop an original engine for the country’s TF-X national fighter jet project, while the body’s chief, İsmail Demir, said the door remained open for international engine-makers to get involved in the project.

At a ceremony in Ankara on Nov. 8, Demir, the head of Turkey’s Defense Industries Presidency, also said talks with Rolls Royce were underway, but that taking the duration of the project into consideration, Ankara would evaluate international offers.

Saying that the main aim in the framework of the TF-X jet project was to develop an indigenous jet engine, Demir reminded that TR Motor, a new company, was established a while ago to achieve this target.

“In this vein, we do not want to face any limitations from any foreign elements regarding the jet engine,” he said, adding that Turkey wanted to have all of the intellectual property rights of the engine.

Demir noted that the door remained open to foreign companies to join the project.

“We just do not want to witness any limitations of any foreign companies when we use, export or perform other commercial actions regarding this technologically-advanced product in the future,” he added.

Last year, Turkey’s Kale Group said it would set up a joint venture company with U.K.-based engineering firm Rolls-Royce to develop aircraft engines, including those of the jets, after Britain and Turkey signed a defense deal worth more than 100 million pounds to develop Turkish fighter jets.

Demir said talks with Rolls Royce were underway.

“There are some limitations, which I have just mentioned. We can say “yes” to such limitations for an intermediary engine, but not for a final product,” he added.

He also said Turkey was ready to start the mass production of its national Altay tanks.