Fortune 500 companies’ sales hit 3.2 trillion liras

Fortune 500 companies’ sales hit 3.2 trillion liras

Fortune 500 companies’ sales hit 3.2 trillion liras

The combined net sales of Fortune 500 Türkiye companies increased by 65.7 percent in 2021 from the previous year to stand at 3.2 trillion Turkish Liras.

Exports by the Fortune 500 companies rose by 90 percent to 895 billion liras, while their combined net income amounted to 158 billion liras last year, up 138 percent compared with 2020.

Exports accounted for 27.9 percent of the companies’ total revenues in 2021, rising from a share of 24.3 percent in the previous year.

In U.S. dollar terms, their exports exhibited an increase of 50 percent from 2020 to $101 billion in 2021, when Türkiye’s export revenues rose by 38 percent to $282 billion.

Some 396 companies in the Fortune 500 Türkiye list posted a profit last year, while 104 posted losses.
Energy company EPİAŞ topped the list last year. The company increased its sales by 58 percent from 2020 to 167 billion liras.

Refinery Tüpraş ranked second with net sales amounting to 151 percent, up 139 percent, while Turkish Airlines increased its net sales by 110 percent last year compared with 2021 to 97.4 billion liras, claiming the third spot on the list.

Ahlatçı Kuyumculuk climbed three places on the list last year to rank fourth with net sales revenues of 79.7 billion liras.
Carmaker Ford Otomotiv, which increased sales 44 percent to 71 billion liras, ranked fifth in the Fortune 500 Türkiye list.

The Fortune 500 companies employed 1.34 million people in 2021, up from 1.28 million in 2020.