Flood risk evacuates homes, offices in northwestern Turkey

Flood risk evacuates homes, offices in northwestern Turkey

Flood risk evacuates homes, offices in northwestern Turkey

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A flood warning has been issued in the Thracian province of Edirne today after a dam overflowed in bordering Bulgaria. 

Edirne Gov. Gökhan Sözer ordered the evacuation of offices and residences on the banks of rivers Maritza and Tunca.

Police and gendarmerie forces went door to door and told people to gather their valuable belongings and evacuate before 8:00 p.m. 

Security personnel patrolled other areas with vehicles and announced flood warnings to residents. 

Provincial search and rescue teams were on stand-by near the rivers with rescue boats. 

Heavy rain is expected tomorrow in the Marmara region as well as in Edirne and surrounding areas. 

Cold weather returns

Another wave of cold temperatures and snow will make its way from the north beginning tomorrow, according to the private broadcaster NTV.

Central and eastern Anatolia will be affected by heavy snowfall, while western regions of the country will experience heavy rain that will later turn to snow.

The cold weather is set to end last weekend’s spring-like temperatures.

Istanbul will experience more snow along with the storm beginning tomorrow, first affecting the Avcılar-Çatalca areas. The rest of the city will be affected from Wednesday evening through Thursday.

However, the snow will be less pervasive compared to last week, when much of the city was paralyzed by the cold weather.

Ankara may also experience a sudden turn from heavy rain to snow tomorrow.

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