Fikret Otyam commemorated in exhibition

Fikret Otyam commemorated in exhibition

Fikret Otyam commemorated in exhibition Painter, writer and photographer Fikret Otyam, who died last year in August, is commemorated in an exhibition in honor of his 90th birthday. 

Otyam, who made great contributions to Turkey’s social, cultural and artistic accumulation, has left a wide collection of photos, books and paintings behind him. 

The exhibition at Istanbul’s Fulya Sanat, titled “An Endless Journey,” started on Dec. 21, and is joined by 44 artists. The show has been prepared with the initiative of his daughters Elvan Baransel, İrep Otyam Bilgiç and Döne Otyam with the support of the Beşiktaş Municipality and his artist friends. 

Otyam graduated from the Higher Department of Painting at Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts in 1953. During those years, he made a career in journalism and published his writings on art in various magazines and newspapers. 

After his debut exhibition in 1952, Otyam held more than 30 exhibitions in Turkey and abroad, and his works were presented in collections at foreign museums and private collectors.

In 1962, his book “Gide Gide-3” (Travels-3) won the Turkish Language Society Essays-Criticism-Travels Prize.
After his retirement in 1979, he moved to the southern province of Antalya where he started focusing more on painting. His painting style was largely influenced by artists Turgut Zaim, Namık İsmail and Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu.

He died of renal failure in August 2015 at the age of 88.

Otyam’s paintings often depicted nomadic tribes and different peoples living in southern and southwestern Anatolia, inspired by his own circles and life. Various human lives inhabiting the region are portrayed in many of his paintings. He emphasizes on vibrant colors and presents meticulous intricacies. 

The exhibition at Fulya Sanat will end on Jan. 3, 2017.