Family denies cancer rumors for Turkish actor

Family denies cancer rumors for Turkish actor

Family denies cancer rumors for Turkish actor

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Veteran Turkish actor Kadir İnanır's nephew Levent İnanır denied claims that his uncle was diagnosed with cancer, Anatolia News Agency reported today.

Levent İnanır said the actor underwent a hernia surgery last week and had no other illnesses.

"There were exaggerated rumors about my uncle Kadir İnanır. He underwent a hernia surgery and he had caught cold before that, but he is in good condition now."  
Daily Habertürk had reported İnanır could not attend his close friend Saffet Ulusoy's funeral last week due to illness and underwent a biopsy, which revealed the cancer in his lungs.
The report further claimed İnanır was hospitalized in a private hospital in Istanbul's Üsküdar district but was in good spirits, saying he would defeat the cancer. 
İnanır is known for his portrayal of macho characters and his blending of tough love with pure devotion. His tough attitude even transcended to his real persona, making him known for standing his ground and living up to his famous "principles,” which have been dubbed "Kadirism" in popular culture. 

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