Excavation season breaks new record

Excavation season breaks new record

KÜTAHYA - Anatolia News Agency
Excavation season breaks new record

Archaeologists unearthed 1,377 artifacts during excavations in Kütahya. AA photo

Turkish archaeologists unearthed 1,377 artifacts during excavations in Kütahya province’s Seyitömer Höyük district this year, setting a record for the most cultural assets dug up in one season, according to the project leader.

Speaking to Anatolia news agency, project leader Nejat Bilgen said the excavation work has been ongoing since 2006. The excavation area is 25 kilometer from the brown coal area.

“This year we have given a total of 1377 artifacts to the Kütahya Archeology Museum,” said Bilgen. “This figure is a record.”

There are really significant pieces among the items unearthed this year, he said, adding that among the items, walls erected during the middle Bronze Age were the most important pieces. “The walls are believed to have a very important place in the ancient Anatolian life.

“There are also important cult accessories, which we found in a temple from the early Bronze Age,” he said, adding that the team also discovered ancient sculptures.

“In total, we have unearthed 17,748 artifacts in the Kütahya excavations,” he added.

“We have dug through different layers of soil and each layer presents another era,” he added, noting that in the coming years they expect to uncover more remains from the early Bronze Age.

There are six cultural layers, Bilgen said. “We are planning to work on this field in the coming years and discover more artifacts,” he said, adding that one of their main goals was to learn how coins from Mesopotamia and Central Anatolia were made.

The excavation in the area will contribute to the economic and touristic aspects of the region, Bilgen said. “Within three years, the artifacts found in Seyitömer Höyüğü may have a big impact on tourism for Kütahya.”