Eurasia Summit kicks off with pressing regional discussions

Eurasia Summit kicks off with pressing regional discussions

Eurasia Summit kicks off with pressing regional discussions Former and active presidents, prime ministers, ministers, major thinkers from around the Eurasia region and representatives of prestigious non-governmental organization gathered on the first day of sessions at the 19th Eurasia Economy Summit on April 6, to discuss a wide range of issues. 

At the start of the event, Mgr. Yusuf Sağ, the deputy patriarch of the Turkish Syriac Catholic Church, read out a message by Pope Francis to the summit as Azerbaijani Deputy President Nazım İbrahimov delivered a message from President İlham Aliyev. 

“The 19th Eurasian Economic Summit is of great importance to demonstrate to the whole world during the tough times that Turkey is going through that it is a country of peace and that the people living there maintain their life in harmony and serenity,” Akkan Suver, the head of Marmara Group Foundation, which organizes the summit, said in his inauguration speech. 

Hikmet Tanrıverdi, the president of Istanbul Ready-Made Garment Exporters’ Association (İHKİB), which has lent many years of support to the summit, also delivered a welcome speech. 

Asaf Hajıyev, the secretary-general of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Coop; Yu Hongjun, the vice president of the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament; İbrahim Çağlar, the president of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO); Dr. Erman Tuncer, the chief adviser of the mayor of Istanbul and Istanbul Gov. Vasip Şahin were the other prominent names who delivered opening speeches. 
There were also speeches by the three guest presidents and Turkish Deputy Prime Ministers Mehmet Şimşek and Tuğrul Türkeş, which focused on economy and security, respectively. 

The 11th president of Turkey, Abdullah Gül, the guest of honor at the event, addressed the attendees at a luncheon. 

Energy and climate change

The opening speech of the Economy, Energy and Climate Change session was delivered by Turkish Transport Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım. 

In a parallel session, titled “Leaders of the Change,” gender-sensitive workplace models and transformation programs were discussed. 

Slovenian Prime Minister Alenka Bratusek, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus First Lady Meral Akıncı and Kosovar Dialogue Minister Edita Tahiri delivered the opening speeches of the session moderated by the chairwoman of the Marmara Group EU and human rights platform chairwoman, Müjgan Suver. 

Trade routes, regional risks such as rising terrorism, climate change, gender equality, energy and economic ties are among the core issues being discussed at the summit this year.