Environmental disasters across world in February

Environmental disasters across world in February

ANKARA - Anadolu Agency
Environmental disasters across world in February

The second month of 2020 saw numerous environmental disasters that impaired climate change and vice versa, including Storm Ciara across Europe, swarms of locusts in East Africa, deadly avalanches in Turkey, and a volcanic eruption in Japan.

Here is a look at the global environmental disasters during the previous month.

Feb. 3:

- Pyroclastic flows reach 900 meters (3,000 feet) southwest of the crater, while ash and smoke spew 7,000 meters (2,300 feet) after a volcanic eruption in Japan's Mt. Shindake.

Feb. 4:

- Floods and landslide kill at least 13 in the Rwandan capital of Kigali where the country sees dozens of deaths caused by rains in recent weeks.

Feb. 5:

- At least 41 people die after two avalanches in Turkey's eastern Van province.

Feb. 8:

- Heavy rain and flooding affect various regions of Tanzania where at least 40 people are killed, 1,750 houses destroyed and 15,000 displaced.

Feb. 9:

- Swarms of deadly desert locusts, accelerated by climate change, enter Uganda after ravaging parts of Kenya and causing food shortages.

Feb. 10:

- Australia is hit by the heaviest rain in the last three decades which brings widespread flooding and causes 100,000 homes to lose power.

- Thousands of homes are flooded in Indonesia's South Sumatra province due to heavy rainfall.

Feb. 11:

- The worst of Storm Ciara abates in central Europe after near-hurricane winds have battered the region while Scandinavian countries, as well as Switzerland, France, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany continue to experience downpours and high winds.

Feb. 13:

- Avalanche in Afghanistan's central Daykundi province kills at least 21, while damaging tens of homes and animals.

Feb. 15:

- At least three people die in the U.K. from Storm Dennis that quickly approaches and British meteorologists issue several warnings as the system is expected to cause heavy rains.

Feb. 17:

- Northern regions of Zimbabwe are hit by flooding that damages or destroys bridges, roads and nearly 200 homes.

Feb. 20:

- Around 700 families of indigenous community in Bolivia were affected by rain and flooding, says the government.

Feb. 21:

- Hundreds of homes were damaged in Peru as heavy rain brings flooding, according to the country's disaster authorities.

Feb. 23:

- Flash floods in Yogyakarta, Indonesia hit a large group of students trekking along a river, kills at least 10.

Feb. 25:

- Swarms of locusts destroy 170,000 acres of crops in East Africa where local farmers are left helpless reportedly.

Feb. 27:

- At least eight people die in floods and landslides in Colombia after days-long heavy rain.

Feb. 28:

- Rivers overflowed cause widespread flooding in Iran's Lorestan province after heavy rain on Feb. 24 left roads damaged, bridges destroyed and numerous villages cut off.