Egyptian opposition establishes 'Revolutionary Council' in Istanbul

Egyptian opposition establishes 'Revolutionary Council' in Istanbul

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Egyptian opposition establishes Revolutionary Council in Istanbul

Photo: Murat Şaka

Representatives of the Egypt's opposition groups including former ministers from the toppled Muslim Brotherhood administration have declared the establishment of “Egyptian Revolutionary Council” against Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi in Istanbul.

“The revolutionary and national forces, a year after the situation was exposed, are capable of confronting the bloody terrorist coup which stole our revolution, killed and imprisoned our people, sold our country and spread destruction and fear through the land and kidnapped Dr. Mohammed Morsi”, the spokesperson of the council which consist of 60 people, Mohammed Sharif Kamil, said during a meeting held in Istanbul on August 8.

“We call on all patriots inside and outside egypt to gather around the revolution and its idals and to unify all efforts to confront the counter revolution and its military coup”, Kamil added. 

Kamil said the council refused the involvement of the military establishment of a civil state.  
“We therefore declare to the Egptian people the establishment of this council in support of the popular resistance affirming that we are not an alternative to the popular resistance inside Egypt which we fully support," he added. 

The group's targets are uniting all revolutionary forces and youths who are opposed to the military regime, mobilizing international support for the January 2011 revolution, and fulfill the right of the Egyptian people to establish a civil and constitutional state, Kamil said.

Kamil also said they made a call on “all goverments and citizens throughout the world who uphold and defend the rights of people to support our cause of freedom, justice and human rights in Egypt.” 

Egyptian opposition establishes 'Revolutionary Council' in Istanbul,