Egypt draft charter approved for referendum

Egypt draft charter approved for referendum

CAIRO - Agence France-Presse
Egypt draft charter approved for referendum

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi flee teargas fired by riot police at Tahrir Square in Cairo Dec. 1. REUTERS photo

Egypt's new draft constitution was approved Dec. 1 for a referendum billed as the first stage in a "democratic transition" promised by military-installed authorities after Mohamed Morsi's ouster in July .

"Now we have approved the draft," Amr Moussa, the head of the 50-member constitution-drafting panel, announced on live television.

The revised charter, which preserves the military's wide-ranging powers, including the ability to try civilians in certain cases, will be put to a referendum that officials say will likely be held in January.

Clashes erupt in Cairo after policeman kills student

Meanwhile, Clashes erupted in Cairo  between residents and police after a policeman shot dead a student following an argument.

The student was shot dead by the policeman after the two had a heated argument when their vehicles crashed into each other in the capital's northern Amiriya neighbourhood, security officials said.

Residents of the neighbourhood later surrounded the police station and fighting broke out, security officials and state media reported, adding that gunshots were heard.

Police brutality was a catalyst for the 2011 revolt against long-time ruler Hosni Mubarak, who was toppled after the 18-day uprising.

The death of a young man, Khaled Said, at the hands of two policemen in June 2010 in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, was also widely invoked during the anti-Mubarak revolt.