Demand for isolated holidays increases interest in bungalows

Demand for isolated holidays increases interest in bungalows

Demand for isolated holidays increases interest in bungalows

Secluded hotspots with bungalows on the Aegean coast are drawing the attention of the visitors who want to holiday in isolation as experts call for an urgent review to ensure people are prepared for the potential coronavirus risks.

Visits to the tourism centers such as Çıralı and Adrasan in the southern province of Antalya, where many bungalows can be found, have increased due to the favorable weather conditions.

Holidaymakers enjoy the isolated bays in Çıralı where the blue of the Mediterranean Sea and green of the pine forests meet at the foot of the Tauros Mountains, famous for its tree houses.

The headman of the village, Habip Altınkaya, pointed out that the interest in Çıralı has increased rapidly with the transition to the “new normal” period.

He noted that there are locals as well as foreign tourists who come to Çıralı just to see the loggerhead sea turtles and to have isolated holidays in bungalows.

“Holidaymakers can hardly even see each other. While many in the tourism sector are having problems, we have none in Çıralı. We have 80 percent occupancy on weekdays and 100 percent on weekends,” Altınkaya said.

The world-famous Çıralı beach in Kemer district was also chosen as one of the cleanest beaches in Europe by Birtish daily The Guardian last year.

Similar images to Çıralı can also be seen at Ardasan, some 25 kilometers away, where access is relatively difficult.

Those who want to relax and go on a mystical tour of nature alone prefer the region, according to Serkan Konuralp, the owner of a hotel in Ardasan.

Konuralp noted that there are generally family-run bungalows, small hotels and nearly 100 touristic facilities in the town, stressing that it is the preferred destination for tourists looking for tranquility.

Bungalows and treehouses in Çıralı and Ardasan are often preferred because they are economically reasonable compared to five-star hotels that apply the all-inclusive system, according to tourism professionals in the region.

The daily rent of bungalow houses starts from 200 Turkish Liras ($27) and can go up to 1,500 Turkish Liras ($200).