Company suggests new ad idea

Company suggests new ad idea

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Company suggests new ad idea

Kalafat says companies may benefit from a performance-based ad model. Company photo

Many local advertisers with limited budgets need to switch to performance-based models, according to Murat Kalafat, manager for the Turkish branch of Zanox, the Berlin-based network of online advertising that recently opened a unit in Turkey.

“With performance-based advertising plans, [companies] avoid the risk of paying large amounts for advertisements that are ineffective. They pay only for results,” Kalafat told Hürriyet Daily News during a recent interview.

Zanox supports companies of all sizes by marketing their products and services effectively on the Internet. Its business model relies on performance, so advertisers pay on the measurable success of their online advertising activities, according to the manager.

“Companies pay us when they make a sale or get a customer rather than on the basis of the number of views or clicks,” he said. “More than 3,800 advertisers trust in Zanox’s global network.”
The Turkish e-commerce sector in the first half of 2011 showed a 50 percent growth, while in 2010 in Turkey, online advertising spending reached the second highest growth rate in Europe with 29.6 percent, Kalafat said.

The young population in Turkey offers an even more attractive market in the future, he said. “Within Zanox’s global growth strategy, Turkey stands out from other markets through its indicators of growth and potential.”

The Zanox goal is to become the “preferred network” globally for its business partners. The Zanox group consists of Affiliate Window,, M4N and eprofessional as partner companies.