Coca-Cola CEO gives brand advice

Coca-Cola CEO gives brand advice

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
All developing countries in the world are Turkey’s competitors, said Chairman of the Executive Board of the Coca Cola Corporation Muhtar Kent yesterday, speaking at the Turquality vision seminar held in Istanbul. Turquality is a government-funded branding program, which is aimed at helping Turkish companies create world-renowned brands.

“We need to battle with those rivals as we are battling with competitors in the market. Such as when riding a bicycle...when you stop, you fall down,” Kent said, adding that we live in a competitive world.

Kent said that he was proud of himself for being in charge of world’s most valuable company.

“Turkish people have incredible management experiences, are very good at crisis management and decision making. Whole western companies need those kinds of experiences,” he said.

Stressing the importance of branding, Kent said, “Brand implies an assurance. We need to be aware of this assurance all the time”.

People all over the world respect, admire and envy Turkey, said Kent.

Speaking at the event Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan said Kent is himself a significant “Turkish brand.”
The value of 1 kilogram of Turkish exports is $1.46, while the figure is $4.1 for German, $3.5 for Japanese and $3 for South Korean exports, he said, adding that creating brands has become important as well as production cost and price advantages.

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